Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Learning the shape: CIRCLE

Started on teaching Dartanian a shape a week.  

We started with the circle shape.

Filled a basket with different circe items we found around the playroom. 

Here are the items spread out on the floor.

He loved looking at the cards.

While he looked at the cards I made sure to repeat the word CIRCLE, he would point at the card and say CIRCLE.

Observing some pictures on his circle key chain.

He enjoyed taking each item out of the basket and saying "Circle".

Kanani is such a great little teacher.  She quickly wanted to show her brother how to draw a circle.

He tired very hard to draw a circle, I would take his hand and keep tracing a circle on the chalkboard.

I love watching him learn new things.  Especially love my little teacher assistant who always gets so excited when her brother learns something new.

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