Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Puerto Rico

Today at our co-op was our 2nd International Day, last year we did ours on Germany.  This year I wanted Kanani to learn more about where are family come from so we picked Puerto Rico.  The last time Kanani and me went to PR was when she was 6 months old, back in 2010.  It's been awhile and can't wait to go back, especially now so our family can meet Dartanian.  


We placed several information on the board about PR and brought some items from home to show some of the things that come from PR.

She was so excited to do her report on Puerto Rico

Talking about the Coqui

Giving her presentation

We made Templeque for her presentation food

Having fun in the sun 

My beautiful princess



Kanani has always enjoyed shadow puppets and was very happy to have abuelo over to play shadow puppets in her tree house.

She's got such a great imagination.

Observing the stars from her tree house.

She loves to play with daddy's flashlight.

Dartanian fixing his slide

Our little climber 

so much fun

she loves her abuela

Friday, October 16, 2015

Letter Sounds

Learning and reviewing letter sounds with Leap Frog magnetic letters.

Set this up on a yoga mat as an invitation for the kids to play with it while learning the letter sound.

Little man didn't care for it while it was on the mat but once I placed the letters on the floors he was all about it.

He would place the letter in the slot and then press down on the letter to hear the sound.

Of course Kanani quickly started to play it with, it's a great review for her even though she knows all the letter sound.

Once Dartanian saw Kanani playing with it he went over to play with the letters as well.