Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kids Birthday

Celebrating our babies birthdays.  They were both born April 11 just 4 years apart.  I've always wanted twins, since I'm a twin, but God decided to give me twins just 4 years apart.  He's funny that way, He knows what we can handle.  I love my babies.  When Kanani found out I was pregnant she always said "I hope it is born on my birthday", God heard her request.  

They have such a special bond, so close, only pray that their bond will only continue to grow.

We celebrated their birthdays in Chuck E. Cheese

Posing with Chuck E.

Dancing with Chuck E. and then collecting tickets afterwards.

Kids have had a lot of fun with their capes they got from their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Photo moment with some of their friends from the party.

Kanani had fun collecting her tickets in the ticket booth and then Rey went in the booth to collect tickets for Dartanian.  

Blowing out their candles.

Enjoying some pizza with their friends.

Fun times at the machines

We had so much fun spending time with friends.

Kanani had a lot of fun 

Dartanian really enjoyed himself, he was out on the way home.

Family picture time, it's so hard to get a really good picture with all 4 of us.  Dartanian is such a clown.

Besides getting to take home capes with a crown and glasses they also got to take home these cute poster boards for them to play with and take pictures with.

We celebrated their birthdays on their actual birthday even though they had their party the Saturday before their actual birthday.  Celebrated with family.

Dartanain really enjoyed his cupcake

Enjoyed putting together one of their birthday present while watching Star Wars.