Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine Fun


This month we have celebrated all things LOVE.  Even though we celebrate love all year round, we emphasized it more this month.  

We started off this month in our co-op with Valentine crafts.  Kanani made in her class a heart pillow, decorated a heart shape sugar cookie (but of course she licked all the frosting and sprinkles off before I could get a picture), and made a fruit loop heart.  Dartanian had his hand print and foot prints done to spell out LOVE in his class.  Love all the crafts the kids did in their classes.

At our monthly workshop in Home Depot we build and painted a Valentine mailbox.  It came out great, which Kanani now uses to hold her writing utensils.

Went to the library for our usual story and craft time.  This time everything was all about Valentines.  After listening to several stories about Valentines, the kids saw a puppet show, and finished the day off making their own Valentine cards.  Lots of fun at the library.

Kanani wanted to make homemade Valentine cards for her class at our co-op.  We decided on making heart shaped crayons.  Melted some of our broken crayons we had saved in our silicone heart shape mold. Placed them in the oven for 230 degrees for about 10 minutes, it really depends on your oven and how long it takes for the crayons to melt.  Once they were completely melted I placed the pan in the fridge so they would cool.  Once they were cooled I hot glued them to some card stock that I had pre-made.  We placed each card in a clear bag with some candy.  It really was a fun and easy craft to do.  Love how great each heart came out.

Today was our co-ops Valentine party.  First everyone went to their classes to do different activities and hand out their Valentine cards.  Then we all meet together to eat.

We really enjoyed spending time with everyone and eating some yummy snacks and pizza.  I made heart shape Honeybun cakes for our party. 

After our co-op party we spent some time with a wonderful group of friends (more like family) for a long over due play date.  First Kanani gave everyone some Valentine cards and then it was time to play.

The kids were enjoying making tie dye heart shaped coffee filters.  It was so sweet seeing each of them concentrating and mixing their colors on their hearts.  They all did a wonderful job.  While they were busy decorating their hearts, Dartanian was busy climbing and running around the house.  

Such a special group of kids.  

Love all their imaginations 

Bought this cute castle mailbox at Walmart for Kanani's Valentine party at another co-op.  After putting the castle together we taped two dum dums to a box of Valentine stickers for Kanani to hand out at the party.

Went to another Valentine party at a different co-op.  They had prepared several different stations for the kids to do different crafts and activities.  They both had a lot of fun.

Once they finished some of the activities Kanani got a chance to decorate her own cupcake.  Dartanian did care for decorating he was more interested in eating the cupcake.  

Once done eating their cupcakes they continued on enjoying some more activities and then proceeded to hand out their Valentine cards. 

Enjoyed building her Valentine picture frame at our Build and Grow Workshop at Lowe's.

Placed several drops of paint on a heart shape paper and then placed it in a ziplock bag.  Showed Dartanian want to do and left him to do it on his own.  He enjoyed this activity for several minutes.  It came out better than I imagined once the paint dried.

After he was done with the ziplock bag activity it was time to get messy with paint.  He enjoyed this activity a lot more, after he was done painting the hearts he decided to paint himself.  

Once Kanani saw Dartanian painting she quickly wanted to join in on the action.  They definitely love to paint, such cute artist.

Cut out some heart shapes and wrote secret messages on them for the kids to uncover.  Used a white crayon to write the messages and then the kids used water colors to find the hidden messages.  Can't really see the messages from the pictures, but once the paint dried the messages showed up really clear.

Made a Valentine sensory bin for the kids filled with hearts, heart shaped crayons, pencils, and much more.  They really enjoyed playing in the rice, Dartanian liked throwing the rice out of the bin.  While they played with the bin I read them two Valentine books.  This was a great way to end our Valentine week.

Learning the shape: CIRCLE

Started on teaching Dartanian a shape a week.  

We started with the circle shape.

Filled a basket with different circe items we found around the playroom. 

Here are the items spread out on the floor.

He loved looking at the cards.

While he looked at the cards I made sure to repeat the word CIRCLE, he would point at the card and say CIRCLE.

Observing some pictures on his circle key chain.

He enjoyed taking each item out of the basket and saying "Circle".

Kanani is such a great little teacher.  She quickly wanted to show her brother how to draw a circle.

He tired very hard to draw a circle, I would take his hand and keep tracing a circle on the chalkboard.

I love watching him learn new things.  Especially love my little teacher assistant who always gets so excited when her brother learns something new.