Monday, December 28, 2015

Learning while playing

There are so many games or activities out there for kids to help them learn in different ways.  Making learning fun.

Dartanian has always like playing with his Rainbow Caterpillar from Melissa and Doug.  He likes moving each gear, taking them apart and trying to put them in their correct spot.  Great for identifying colors, matching, and motor skills.  

Little man is trying his hand at lace and trace by Melissa and Doug.

The kids liked popping out the letters from their ABC's foam puzzle.

Kanani matched the number to the word that went with each one.  Then we discussed what colors each one was one.

We love using our bananagram tiles to spell different words.  This time around we decided to practice her name.  She knows her first and middle name really good, we still are practicing with her last name.  Poor thing has such a long name but she's doing great with learning her name and is very determined to learn it.

The kids received two tents for Christmas and then I found a great deal on some ball pit balls.  They both have enjoyed playing in the tent.  We went over colors, counting, and sorting.  

Kanani got a Doc McStuffin Veterinarian Clinic for Christmas, she has said for the past two years that she wants to be a vet when she grows up.  It's so great seeing her playing and pretending to be a vet.  She really has a love for animals.  

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