Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun at the mall then lunch with daddy

Today we decided to go to the mall and go play in the play area.  It has been a little too hot outside for the kids to enjoy the outdoors for a long period of time.  They were very excited to get to play for longer than 30 minutes in some nice AC.

Little man was trying to help another baby up the slide.  They are always willing to lend a hand.

Love her smile, little man was too busy to look at me.

Trying to grab me right when I took the picture.  Of course little monkey is in the background climbing, what she does best.

Canoe fun

He gets so excited when he goes down the slide with no help.

She loves to climb on things.

We went to McDonald's to meet daddy there for lunch.  Little man wanted some of his sister's milk shake so we got him a separate cup.  As you can see he is really enjoying it.

Say cheese

Daddy's little princess

Twins, daddy's little prince

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  1. Good gracious those babies are so gorgeous! Looks like tons of fun!