Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lowe's Build & Grow Workshop: Hawkeye

Today we went to Lowe's for our Saturday Workshop and got to build our 4th Avenger Hawkeye.  During the summer Lowe's has two workshops each month.  We have really enjoyed our workshops this summer since we have been able to spend them with my nephews.  Sadly this was our last Saturday workshop with them before they go back home.  I wish they lived closer I'm going to hate seeing them leave after spending all summer with them.

Kanani is ready to get her workshop started, this is her second apron going on her third.  

Dartanian is always finding something to use for drum sticks.

Hard at work building Hawkeye's plane.

Kanani's completed work

Daniel (my youngest nephew) working on his project.

Anthony (my oldest nephew) working on his project.

All three kids with their finished work, as you can see there is an extra one which is Dartanian's.  He was too busy walking around Lowe's with his dad for me to get a picture of him with the kids.