Sunday, April 5, 2015

Turning a shirt into a Bag

Going to show you a step by step process to make a bag out of a shirt.  K has out grown a lot of her shirts that she doesn't want to part with, so we decided to make them into bags.  That way she will still be able to use her favorite shirts.

Step 1

Line the bottom of the shirt so that they are even

Step 2

Cut a straight line (it's okay if it's not a perfect line), across on the bottom and save the piece that you cut off.  You will use that piece later.

Step 3

Fold the shirt in half making sure that the shoulders are even.

Step 4

Cut the neck portion off, you can cut it as big as you like.

Step 5

Cut the sleeves off, here I cut it a little more just because I wanted the top to be thinner.

Step 6

Lay the shirt out, it will look like a tank top.

Step 7

Turn the shirt inside out

Step 8

Gather the bottom part of the shirt together and tie it with the piece you saved from Step 2.  Make sure that when you tie the shirt that it's very tight.  I wrapped it around and tied it twice.  Then cut off the extra pieces once you tied the shirt.

Step 9

Turn the shirt back out and now you have yourself a bag.  K loves taking hers to the store and puts fruits or small items in it.

Step 10

Enjoy the bag!

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