Thursday, March 26, 2015

Indoor Soccer ⚽️

Kanani had been asking us to please put her in soccer for a couple months now.  She loves playing soccer outside and likes watching the game on TV.  We were just waiting for open enrollment for the spring.  Finally got her enrolled and started looking for all her equipment.  

As the days got closer for her first soccer practice she started getting nervous and kept telling us that she didn't want to do soccer any more. To please get her off the team.  I wouldn't accept it, I told her that she was going to go through with it since we've already gotten everything for it.  Also she wasn't going to quit before even giving it a shot.  She cried for a bit but then calmed down.  

The day finally came for practice and she was super nervous.  I just kept telling her that I believed in her and I knew she was going to enjoy it.  Once we got to the gym she let loose and ran to her team mates and just started playing.  After practice she said "Thank you mami for not letting me quit I had a blast.  I love soccer and want to do it forever."  I'm so proud of my princess and am so glad we didn't let her quit before even trying it.  I want her to always try something out before quitting.  

Getting her mouth guard fitted, which took some convincing at first.   

Doing her warm ups

More warm ups 

It was fun watching her do warm ups, especially when they did push-ups.  She was the only one with her butty in the air.  Guess we'll be working on that :)

She made a friend real quick, the only other girl on the team, Ms. Charlotte.  Kanani loved playing, she scored twice.  

Bringing it in and yelling WOLFPACK!


  1. LOVE this! I'm so happy she loves it. She's going to be a star player. I can't wait to come see her play!

    1. She would love for you to be there, her first game is April 18. When I get more details I will let you know what time and where.