Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beautiful Surprise

So Rey came home and surprised Kanani and me with roses.  It was such a wonderful surprise.  He doesn't do this often but when he does it's such a wonderful surprise.  Kanani couldn't stop thanking him for the flower.  She was so excited and quickly had me find a spot in her room to put it in.  

He wrote on my card the most beautiful message "Red is for all the Love we share as a family. Yellow is for the rays of sunshine that have entered our lives, that bring us so much joy Kanani and Dartanian.  White is for the pure and never ending love I have for you.  I love you like a circle my beautiful wife Denise". Love Rey 

Kanani's card said "My Princess Kanani, so you know Papi is always thinking of you.  I love you!  Rey 
We are so blessed to have such a wonderful man of God in our lives.

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