Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Learning on Labor Day

Even though it was Labor Day we still did school, upon Kanani's request.  To make the day fun we did some experiments, games, and arts and crafts after our school work was complete.

We made some crystals using Borax.  It was lots of fun once the crystals were complete.  It took almost 24 hours for the process to complete.  The circle was the only one that didn't have much crystals on it, not sure why.  The link below are the instructions we followed to make ours:


Placed some of the letters we have already worked on a mat.  Once I mixed all the pictures together I handed Kanani the pile for her to place the correct picture under the correct letter.

Bought some animal flash cards at our local Target store.  I placed three cards: LAND, WATER, and TREE, she then placed the animal card under where she believed their home was.  Kanani really enjoyed this activity and what I loved about this card is that each side has a different animal on it, which meant we did this activity twice.  Got this idea from Fun in PreK 1:


We went around the yard and in the house and looked for different materials for us to make our own bird's nest.  I placed everything in different baskets or container and labeled them.  We used: Spanish Moss, Reindeer Moss, Floral Moss, Twigs, Pine Straw, Dry Grass, Dry Leaves, Newspaper, Cotton Balls, Cotton Rounds, and Yarn.  First we had used a balloon but I believe one of the things Kanani glued on made it pop.  She then proceeded to cover a styrofoam bowl with the materials, which came out just fine.  Kanani wanted to leave the nest outside to dry and then place in a tree with hopes that a bird will use it for a nest. 

Once the nest was completely we placed it in the Pear tree in front of our house.  We hope that a bird can use or at least use the materials inside to build a nest.

It was a great day full of fun and learning.

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