Tuesday, February 17, 2015

At his first ER visit

Today was Dartanian's first visit to the ER.  Last night (2/16/2015) he had an emergency where we had to call 911 to the house.   He chocked on one of Kanani's plastic pony hair.

He was coughing up blood and his eyes started crossing.  It was the most terrifying experience to go through.  Thankfully once Rey tilted his back after administering CPR he was able to see the toy and pull it out.  Once his airways were clear he was fine.  The paramedics got there after Rey pulled the toy out.  

They checked him and cleared him. The next day I took him to the ER to get x-Rays of stomach to make sure there was nothing else.  Thankfully everything came back clear. 

I thank God for protecting little man, even the paramedics said it could have been a whole lot worst. The crazy thing is it all happened while we were all in the living room.  Kanani quickly noticed something was wrong and screamed.  If it wasn't for her who knows what could of happened.  To me she saved her brother's life.  

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